Sunday, June 13, 2010

Friends of the Island Fox at Placerita Nature Center

What is an island fox doing in a capture cage?

California's Channel Island fox is making a strong comeback thanks to the joint efforts of government agencies, private organizations and the general public. Conservation efforts include annual capture of island foxes to count their numbers and provide them with health checks. Join Keri Dearborn, V.P. of Education for Friends of the Island Fox at:

Placerita Nature Center
8:30 - 9:30 AM,
Saturday June 19th

Keri will explore why the island fox became endangered and what actions were taken to save them. She will also demonstrate how field biologists use radio tracking to monitor island fox health and welfare. The group will hike a short way into the chaparral for an opportunity to see how island foxes are trapped annually across the islands. Kids will have the opportunity to engage in the steps biologists use to preform a health check on an island fox in the field.

Following there will be a guided hike, lead by representatives from the Placerita Nature Center.

Join us for a fun opportunity to learn about field biology and the island fox in a beautiful natural setting. This event is FREE and for ages 5 and up.