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Friends of the Island Fox (FIF) provides presentations to community groups, teachers and schools (K-college) regarding the endangered island fox and its important relationship with the Channel Island ecosystem. To make a reservation contact Program Director, Pat Meyer at (805) 228-4123 or

School Programs
School programs are provided FREE of charge, though donations are always welcome. Programs meet CA State Science Standards and address the Environmental Education Initiative (EEI).

Reservations for school programs are currently being scheduled for Tuesdays, other days of the week may be possible with special arrangement. To make a reservation (805) 228-4123 or

Specific Programs
  • The Island Fox Tale; An Ecosystem Play (grades K-4) - Students participate in the story of how the island fox’s ecosystem changed, the island fox became endangered and the steps people took to restore the ecosystem and save the island fox.
  • Saving the Endangered Island Fox (grades 3-college) - Students learn about the island fox, the connection between watersheds, oceans and land animals, participate in an interactive activity on the interconnection of island species and discussion of the positive actions taken by people, and those actions still needed, to save this endangered species.
  • What Does an Island Fox Biologist Do? (grades 3-6) - Background on the island fox and students participate in the steps biologists in the field use to perform a health check on a wild island fox. (No live animals are involved. FIF has a unique model fox for teaching purposes.)
  • The Island Fox and The Feral Cat (grades 9-college) - A conservation issue resolution activity. Students learn about the impact feral cats can have on an island ecosystem, the varying human viewpoints on the problem that makes feral cats a conservation issue, and they participate in role playing to see how they would find a resolution.
  • Island Fox Ambassador School (grades K-college) Students participate in one of the programs above and work with FIF to design a service learning project that benefits island fox conservation or community education.

Community Programs
FIF offers FREE programs to community groups, though donations are always welcome. Programs  provide information on the island fox, how it came to be endangered on four of the Channel Islands, conservation efforts to save the island fox and current status. Programs can be tailored to your group’s interests (Channel Island geology, plants, reptiles, birds, connection to the marine ecosystem).  To make a reservation (805) 228-4123 or

Professional Development Workshops
FIF also offers professional development workshops for educators on using a local endangered species and the Channel Islands ecosystem to teach math, science, language skills and conservation issue resolution. Workshops can be tailored to meet your program needs. To discuss a workshop contact Program Director Pat Meyer at (805) 228-4123 or

To reach Program Director Pat Meyer regarding the Friends of the Island Fox Program school visits, community programs or workshops: (805) 228-4123 or

Friends of the Island Fox Program Participates in:
California Science Teachers Association
California State University, Long Beach Science Teacher training program
Carpinteria School District Science Matters
Channel Islands National Park, Live Dive Program
Eaton Canyon Nature Center
Gold Coast Science Matters
Los Angeles Environmental Education Fair
Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Garden
Moorpark College Teaching Zoo
Placerita Canyon Park and Nature Center
Road Scholar (formerly Elder Hostel)
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Santa Barbara Zoo
Santa Monica Mountains Restoration Trust
Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area Science Fest
Ventura County Office of Education

Numerous elementary, middle and high schools throughout Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties

Various community and philanthropic organizations
Updated 03/17/15