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Friends of the Island Fox is a joint effort of conservation professionals and concerned private citizens striving to support public education, research and conservation efforts to ensure the island fox’s continued survival.

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Conservation Projects:

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Research Efforts:

FIF classroom program
Education Programs: 

Friends of the Island Fox provides presentations to community groups, educators, and students regarding the endangered island fox and its important relationship with the Channel Island ecosystem. 

School Programs
School programs are available for K-College. Reservations are made on a first come basis and donations are always welcome. Programs are also available in a virtual format. For more information or to schedule a school program contact Education Director Keri Dearborn at (805) 228-4123 or islandfoxnews@gmail.com

Community Programs
FIF offers programs to community groups for an honorarium or by specific arrangement. Programs provide information on the island fox, how it came to be endangered on four of the Channel Islands, conservation efforts to save the island fox and current status. Programs can be tailored to your group’s interests (Channel Island geology, plants, reptiles, birds, connection to the marine ecosystem).  To make a reservation (805) 228-4123 or islandfoxnews@gmail.com

Professional Development Workshops
FIF also offers professional development workshops for educators on using a local endangered species and the Channel Islands ecosystem to teach math, science, language skills and conservation issue resolution. Workshops can be tailored to meet your program needs. To discuss a workshop contact Education Director Keri Dearborn at (805) 228-4123 or islandfoxnews@gmail.com

updated 4/28/22