Friday, June 29, 2018

Visit Island Foxes and FIF at Santa Barbara Zoo

Where can you see island foxes on the mainland? 

Come out and visit Friends of the Island Fox at

"Saving Species Day" 
at the Santa Barbara Zoo
Saturday July 7th, 2018
11 AM - 3 PM

Find out about how island foxes are doing in the wild. Which islands are doing well and what new threats are facing island foxes in 2018. 

See Lewis and Clark, two island fox brothers that were orphaned on San Clemente Island and have come to live at the Santa Barbara Zoo. These two male foxes are now adults, but they still have big personalities. Watch their video.

The Zoo will be focusing on endangered species and how you can help make a difference. From island foxes to Asian elephants, the wild world needs you!

Other mainland locations to see island foxes

Friday, June 22, 2018

What Has Arrived at Channel Islands National Park?

 Radio collars!

Five new radio collars
still in the wrapper
Six refurbished radio collars
all rebuilt and ready to go back on island foxes!
...have arrived at Channel Islands National Park. These radio-telemetry collars will be fitted on island foxes in the next few months as biological technicians count island foxes and check their health.

Your donations funded these radio collars!

Look closely, this island fox is wearing a radio collar
Foxes with worn collars will be giving them up for refurbishing or new batteries. You have funded fourteen more of these collars to go from the field to the workshop for refitting. More on Refurbished Radio Collars

Radio collars offer a frontline of defense for monitoring and protecting island foxes.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Fox Foto Friday - What is that fox doing?

You guessed it! She is marking her territory with urine. Island foxes are very territorial. Territory = food resources. Food means she and her mate can support a litter of pups.

Thanks to Daniel for taking this great photo on a trip to Santa Cruz Island with Friends of the Island Fox. Interested in traveling to see island foxes? Subscribe to the FIF newsletter for info on upcoming trips.

Marking territory with urine communicates through scent to other island foxes. Both male and female island foxes mark territory with urine and with scat. 

Island fox scat tells lots of stories:
Island fox diet and scat
Genetic science and island fox scat
Plants and island fox scat