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Island Fox Fact Sheet (updated 2018) download pdf

Detailed 2019 Island Fox Status Update

Island Fox Update 2016 download pdf with information island-by-island on island fox populations and conservation concerns in 2016
Island Fox Update 2014 download pdf Island-by-island information on fox populations and conservation concerns in 2014
Island Fox Update 2011 download pdf  Island-by-island information on fox populations and conservation concerns in 2011.

Interactive artwork of island foxes and the Santa Cruz Island ecosystem - students can explore connections between island foxes, bald eagles, DDT, humans, and other island species. More images of the art.

Access is made available by artist Zoe Keller (more about the artist).

Educational Activities
Download pdfs of activities that use the island fox and the Channel Islands ecosystem to teach science, math, ecology, history, sustainability and California EEI Principles.

Listing of All Activities (by grade, themes, skills and EEI Principles)

Teaching Trunk 
The Island Fox Teaching Trunk is available for loan to teachers or groups. Priority is given to those who have scheduled a visit with Friends of the Island Fox educators (See What We Do). The trunk contains animal biofacts (replica skulls, footprints, etc.) for comparison, information on Channel Islands wildlife, a notebook of Island Fox Educational Activities and additional materials. To schedule a loan of the Teaching Trunk contact Keri Dearborn at

Island Fox Research 2008

Island Fox Research 2014 - 2020

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