Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Be a Friend of the Island Fox

How can you help the endangered island fox?

Everyday humans create mounds of trash. Too often that trash washes off sidewalks into gutters, down storm drains and into the ocean. Bits of plastic are dropped on the ground. Plastic bags swirl in the wind and end up in streams and seas.

A cast off fishing lure left on a rock can mean a horrible injury for a hungry island fox. Fox and the Fishing Hook

A plastic bag or balloon can be mistaken for a jellyfish by a hungry sea turtle.

Bits of plastic on the beach can get swept into the ocean by the incoming tide. Once plastic enters the ocean, fish and birds mistake the colorful bits for food. When they eat the toxic plastics it can mean their death or it can mean they are no longer healthy food for other animals in the foodweb like island foxes and humans.

Friends of the Island Fox is joining forces with the Channel Islands Park Foundation to clean-up the beach near the Channel Island National Park Visitor Center.

Join Us For:
Coastal Clean-Up Day
Sat. September 25, 2010
9 AM - Noon 

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