Monday, February 26, 2018

Island Foxes and The Art of an Ecosystem

No species stands alone and artist Zoe Keller has created a masterful piece of art that weaves together the island fox’s conservation story with the natural history of Santa Cruz Island.

Keller’s vivid graphite drawing depicts the interconnected world of island foxes, bald eagles, California sea lions, island spotted skunks, numerous birds, plants, insects and humans on the Channel Islands. The images seen here are small glimpses of a large work that Keller has made interactive with natural history information.

Keller has thanked Friends of the Island Fox for providing background research by providing us with access to her full-sized interactive piece. Go and explore the Interactive Drawing

Overview of the Santa Cruz Island drawing

More about artist Zoe Keller

Friends of the Island Fox receives no financial benefit nor provides any support to Zoe Keller. This link to her work is made as a public benefit and exchange of educational material.