Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Island Fox Teaching Trunk

Teachers and educators 
you can check out the Friends of the Island Fox 
Teaching Trunk!

The self-contained, lockable trunk comes with a variety of biofacts, like skull replicas and footprint casts. Students can compare the island fox to its ancestor species the gray fox or to larger relatives like the coyote and the gray wolf. Compare bald eagle and golden eagle skulls and eggs. How do they match up to the island fox?

The trunk also comes with a notebook of educational activities, videos, island species information and even art projects.

Create a story using footprints from predator and prey animals on the Channel Islands. Cast prints of fox footprints or make origami foxes.

The Teaching Trunk is checked out on a first-come basis for a two week interval. Check out is FREE but an individual will need to sign an agreement of responsibility for the return of items. 

Schools involved with the     Fox Ambassador Program or with scheduled classroom visits receive priority.

To check out the Teaching Trunk e-mail Keri at

To schedule a Friends of the Island Fox presentation contact Pat at