Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Island Foxes Say Thank You

Across the Channel Islands endangered island foxes are successfully making a come back from the brink of extinction. You and your friends and neighbors are helping to make a positive difference. Friends of the Island Fox extends our thanks to the following special friends that have made extra efforts on behalf of endangered island foxes.

This summer Native Foods Cafe raised funds for the island fox during a day of business. Their event raised $500 for island fox conservation.

In May, Island Fox Program Director Pat Meyer and Keri Dearborn, Education Director, were interviewed on Cynthia Fox's Sunday morning show "Spotlight on the Community" on KLOS Radio. Listen to the Interview. Cynthia Fox continued her support by sponsoring a fox radio-tracking collar.

This summer private donors supported another radio-tracking collar to bring our total number of collars funded to 72!

Because of your support and concern this local endangered species is recovering. Your involvement on behalf of the island fox is allowing images like the one below to be natural once again. Watch as an island fox ventures into a bald eagle nest at night looking for tidbits of food that the bald eagle chick has dropped. This is a brave little island fox, notice the bald eagle chick (bigger than the island fox) sleeping in the lower right corner. 

Island foxes across the Channel Islands thank all of you who care and are taking action to support health checks and vaccinations, radio collars and education to make a positive difference on their behalf.