Friday, July 27, 2018

Island Journal - Sometimes You See Where A Fox Has Been

The opportunity to visit Channel Island foxes in their natural environment is part of the success of saving island foxes from extinction. Friends of the Island Fox loves to highlight individual experiences. On Santa Cruz Island there are locations where you almost always see island foxes (Scorpion Campground and Prisoners Harbor). Guest writer Michael Lawshe has a different story from Santa Rosa Island.

Island Journal: Santa Rosa Island, June 16, 2018

We took an 8 am boat out of Ventura, with Island Packers, directly to Santa Rosa Island. The sky was overcast and the sea was remarkably flat. We crossed the channel, passing Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands to...

Taking a hike, we noticed dozens of great little caves and crevices in the hillsides. 

Perfect for a fox!

Sometimes you see a fox, sometimes you see where they have been! 

Here is a path to a secluded fox resting place.

Do you see the little footprints in the sand?

They're a little bigger across than the size of a quarter. 

We didn't see the island fox, but we are pretty sure they were watching us. It was a great day. - Michael Lawshe

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