Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Friends of the Island Fox Joins With Channel Islands Restoration

photo courtesy of Todd West
This island fox is eating small native berries. 
Plants sustain island foxes.

2018 begins with some exciting news!

Friends of the Island Fox 
is now a program of Channel Islands Restoration.


Channel Islands Restoration (CIR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that protects rare and endangered plants and animals by restoring habitat in sensitive and unique natural areas on the California Channel Islands and adjacent mainland.  

In 2016, FIF and CIR worked together taking two groups of volunteers to Santa Cruz Island to remove invasive plants.

Families removing invasive oyster plant on Santa Cruz Island

Island foxes are intricately connected to the other plants and animals in their ecosystem. This new relationship with CIR will enhance FIF's ability to effect long-term positive change for island foxes across the six islands where they live.  We look forward to working with CIR to revitalize habitat for island foxes and other island species. 

The health and welfare of island foxes remains FIF's priority. From radio-tracking collars to vaccinations, from campground food lockers to education presentations, your donations to Friends of the Island Fox support a variety of conservation efforts, public education, and research focused on island fox survival. What We Do

Meet FIF's new Advisory Committee and consider how you can help island foxes. 

Working together we can protect island foxes and their Channel Island home.

Keri Dearborn, FIF Program Director