Thursday, January 10, 2013

FIF Trip to Santa Cruz Island!

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photo courtesy of Jay Dyer

A Trip to Prisoner's Harbor
Santa Cruz Island
Saturday, April 6, 2013
SOLD OUT - (as of 3/7/13)
Michael Lawshe for FIF

That's right, this spring FIF educators are leading a day-long adventure to look for both the island fox AND the island scrub-jay.

As the population of Santa Cruz Island foxes reaches recovery it is possible to observe them at more locations across the island. Santa Cruz is also the only home of the rare island scrub-jay. With its newly restored wetland area, Prisoner's Harbor is one of the prime locations to encounter this unique bird as well as many other species. Wetland on a dry island.

On the trip over to Prisoner's Harbor (about 1 and a half hours) there is the possibility of seeing many marine species as well. 

bottlenose dolphin with calf
Biodiversity at Prisoner's Harbor
Tickets will be $65.00 per person. A percentage of the fee will go to support island fox recovery efforts. 

We will take the Island Packers boat from Ventura Harbor leaving at 8.00 AM and returning around 5 PM on Saturday April 6, 2013.  Check in will be required at 7:15 AM.

Reservations are limited and will be provided on a first come basis. To book reservations, please download the Reservation Booking Form (Click Here to download pdf)
SOLD OUT - (as of 3/7/13)

Send the completed form with your check, made payable to the "Friends of the Island Fox" to the address on the form.  Reservations will be taken in the order received, and no reservations can be accepted without payment.

At the time of booking you will receive further details of the trip, including: where to meet, what to pack, the suggested clothing and other items of interest. Note the photo to the right. Food items will need to be secured at all times. What to remember when visiting the island fox.